Art League Annual Social Potluck

From left: Jo Taylor, Carol Spoelstra, Helen Searcy, Carolyn Wilkes, Rosa Gascoigne, Suzanne Plaza, June Kessen, Roz Miller and Shirley Anderson.

The Art League Annual Social Potluck took place on May 29, at the North Club House.

This was an opportunity to get to know the new members and answer questions about the Art League Club activities, including introducing the board members and committee chairpersons that make all the different activities in the Art League possible.

Everyone brought delicious dishes to share.

The most popular was the watermelon salad that Jo Taylor prepared.

Doug Anderson, entertained us with the variety of music that he plays.

Members and guests enjoyed dancing and listening to his music.

Thanks to the organizers of the event: Rosa Y. Gascoigne, Jo and Lyn Taylor, Bette Jo Ford and John Wells.

It was the most enjoyable evening.

The next general meeting of the Art League will be on Friday, July 26 in the South Clubhouse at 2 p.m.

There will be a brief business meeting, followed by refreshments, and our monthly Mini-Art Show.

David Fairrington, guest artist of the day, will then do a demonstration in oil painting.

David, who is well-known in this area, will also teach oil painting for the August classes in the Main Clubhouse Arts and Crafts Room.

They will be on Mondays, Aug. 5, 12 and 19 at 9 a.m. until noon.

The total cost for these three classes is $30 for members and $35 for non-members. If you have questions or would like to enroll, please call Carol Spoelstra at (951) 663-5849, or e-mail her at .

Our annual Social Potluck Dinner was held recently at the North Clubhouse.

After a wonderful dinner and social hour, singer/instrumentalist Doug Anderson provided us with a variety of beautiful music for our dancing and listening pleasure.

President Rosa Gascoigne introduced the 2019 board members and chairmen.

It was a very enjoyable social event for our club.

Thank you to the organizers: Rosa Y. Gascoigne, Jo and Lyn Taylor, Betty Jo Ford and John Wells.


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