Rosa Y. Gascoigne and husband John are moving away to Northern California to be near their daughters.

Rosa and John Gasicogne

Rosa and John Gasicogne

Rosa has been a commissioner for the Riverside County Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Commission (JJDPC) for almost six years; and Rosa will continue volunteering her time to the same program in Contra Costa County when an opening becomes available. Rosa’s experience working as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA), where she represented children in foster care in court, garnered her the experience needed to be invited to become a JJDPC commissioner.

Her duties, besides attending monthly meetings, were to inspect the juvenile hall facilities and group home facilities in Riverside County for the proper care of the juveniles in custody. After inspections, Rosa provided a written report to the court and probation department with her recommendations.

Rosa has been the president of Faith in Action, a nonprofit that began seven years ago. It aims to help homeless become self-sufficient and productive citizens. FIA assists homeless in Banning during inclement weather conditions with hotel vouchers, blankets, tarps, socks, toiletries and food in the past. Since April this year, 20 small, two person houses were provided for the homeless in Banning.

“I want to extend the most sincere appreciation to Johnny Russo for his generosity. Our community needs to support businesses that contribute in improving the lives of its residents. Johnny Russo has been donating 50 meals every Friday since April to the residents of the Ramsey Street Shelter. Also, I want to thank Mr. Kevin Ferguson from Beaumont for donating a 20 by 10 foot tent, three tables and 20 chairs for the residents of the shelter,” said Gascoigne.

She continued, “As you have probably noticed, you rarely see homeless people on Highland Springs these days. It is through the effort of the many volunteers, and the grant from Riverside County Housing Authority Continuum of Care, that is possible to continue with this transitory program. It hasn’t been easy to implement the programs that we have in mind, in coordination with the Banning City Manager due to COVID-19, but there are professionals that are willing to donate their time and expertise to provide vocational training programs to help the residents become self-sufficient, productive citizens.”

Gascoigne was also involved in the Banning Community Foundation (BCF). The Foundation originated from the unused donations for the Banning Centennial Celebration Committee in 2012.

The committee raised $100,000 eight years ago for the Banning’s centennial celebration, but only half of the monies were spent. The remaining $50,000 was invested with the Inland Empire Community Foundation with the goal to raise $100,000 or more from which, dividends to distribute in the form of grants to nonprofits in Banning in perpetuity. At this time the fund has grown to $80,890.00.

“The principal will remain at $100,000 so that the committee can provide grants to non-profit organizations that aim to improve the lives of Banning residents,” said Gascoigne.

Gascoigne also collaborated with the Sun Lakes Country Club Recreation Department teaching Spanish for over seven years; she was one of the founders of International Dancers, and the first president of the club; she participated extensively with the Art League Club and was president for two years; and she was also a vice president of the Dinner Dance Club.

John was president of the Genealogy Society in Sun Lakes for two terms.


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