Residents Deliver Masks

Joan Lau and Martie Steggell delivered homemade face masks to Miravilla Care Center in Cherry Valley on Friday, March 27. L to R back row: Joan Lau, Sherri Gooch, Carmelita Don, Evangelina Martinez, Flavia Ayala, Joanna Morsa, Madelyn Smith, Stephanie Reason and Martie Steggell. L to R front row kneeling, Marosel Wanbang, Mylyn Maximo and Gizelle Alfon.

Martie Steggell and Joan Lau made and delivered 52 homemade face masks to the Miravilla Care Center in Cherry Valley on March 27.

The two Sun Lake’s residents made the masks by following instructions from a video on the internet.

The masks were made using 100 percent cotton fabric, wired ribbon (to go over the bridge of the nose) and elastic to go around the ears.

Steggell noted that the masks were simple to assemble once they got the hang of making one or two from the video instructions and each mask took about 10 minutes to complete.

It is important to note that these masks are not medically certified and may not protect against the COVID-19 disease, but can still be useful in preventing the spread of other germs.

Steggell contacted the care center earlier in the week to see if they could use the face masks and they said they would love to get some for their staff and residents.

Steggell and Lau arrived at Miravilla wearing their own masks and were warmly welcomed by Joanna Morsa, the Community Relations/Admissions Coordinator.

When the two arrived at the lobby their temperatures were taken to ensure they were healthy enough to enter the facility.

Staff members quickly gathered and picked out the patterns they liked since all of the masks were different.

Masks for men were also included in the selection.

The staff told them they could use even more masks because the number of staff members at this particular facility is larger than 52.

Steggell and Lau were dismayed they were unable to make more, but some supplies, particularly elastic, is in short supply.

One of the staff members took a selfie and sent it to their sister facility, Palm Group Healthcare in Beaumont.

They promptly replied that they would love to get some masks for their staff and residents and any donation would be greatly appreciated.

If there are any other Sun Lakes residents currently making masks and are interested in donating them, contact the above facilities or other care facilities in the community to determine how you can safely find a way to get the masks to them.


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