David Sherry and his “Diamond is Forever” band, made a return appearance to the Sun Lakes stage last weekend. Sponsored by the Recreation Department, Sherry and his “reverence, not tribute” band brought the house down once again with Neil Diamond’s greatest hits.

Sherry, with his medium-length brown hair, is a definite Neil Diamond look-alike.

He wore black pants and a black sequined jacket to start the show.

He and his band have been performing together worldwide for 15 years.

The band includes back-up singers Cece Taylor and Candy Davider, plus Larry Rousseve on guitar, Freddy Bejar on drums, Darryl Ciffarelli on acoustic guitar, Barry Michael Wehrli on keyboard, and Dr. Bob Ternaski, a retired chemist, on bass.

The singers wore red sequined tops with black skirts, and the band members wore bright blue and black.

Deep friendships among members of the band were evident in the spirited singing and stage movements they presented.

Neil Diamond’s songs bounced off the walls, as audience members clapped, bounced in their seats, and danced on the floor in front of the stage.

In between songs, Sherry told stories about the albums and what inspired Neil Diamond, and wove in stories of how he himself became inspired by the rock star.

The crowd enjoyed “Solitary Man,” “Kentucky Woman,” “Longfellow Serenade,” “Beautiful Noise,” “Cracklin’ Rose,” “Love on the Rocks,” “Coming to America,” and “I’m a Believer,” before the band took a short intermission.

Sherry returned wearing tight black jeans over a black shirt and leather blazer. He got the audience jumping again with “Holly Holy,” “September Morn,” “Forever in Blue Jeans,” “Play Me,” and many other crowd pleasers.

Many audience members ran to the front for the animated “Sweet Caroline,” and stayed there for the rousing “Hot August Night.” The show’s finale was “Thank the Lord for the Nighttime,” and then Sherry met the fans at a table by the door.

It was another wonderful show, one of the longest in recent memory, presented by the Recreation Department.


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