80th birthday, Joe Shaw

Joe Shaw blows out his candles on his birthday cake.

Joe Shaw celebrated his 80th birthday last month at a surprise dinner party given by his wife, Patti Webb.

Family and friends surprised Joe in the banquet room of Marla’s Restaurant, being very careful to “social distance” from each other.

Joe had been a civil engineer for 50 years, working on residential areas, bridges, and even the 210 freeway.

Now retired, he is currently chairman of the Banning Planning Commission.

He and Patti have lived in Sun Lakes for about 16 years.

He plays tennis three times a week to maintain his health, and sings with The Notables and the Sun Lakes Barbershop Chorus.

The couple has been active in Young at Heart, Dinner Dance Club, Friendship Club, and the Sun Lakes Chorale.


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