Al Silva

Al Silva, the President of H.E.L.P., received a Certificate of Appreciation from Janis Sheek and Nancy Guthrie in 2019 for support by H.E.L.P. volunteers for the annual Charity Week Pancake Breakfast.

Al Silva, 79, the President of H.E.L.P. Inc. passed away on January 2, 2021.

Silva of Banning was admitted to Redlands Community Hospital on Dec. 28 and died from complications of COVID-19.

Silva was a resident of Sun Lakes and the driving force at H.E.L.P where he served as a volunteer and a board member of the organization before becoming president and serving in that position for over 14 years.

H.E.L.P. Inc. (Hope, Empathy, Love and Prayer) is a non-profit organization located in Banning dedicated to assisting low income families and the homeless in the Pass Area.

The food pantry provides a shopping basket of supplemental food to qualifying families once a month and weekly food bags to those who are homeless and are registered with the non-profit organization.

A thrift store is co-located with the food pantry and provides operational income in support of the pantry.

Silva and H.E.L.P. Inc. continued to serve the community in 2020, following COVID-19 guidelines stipulated by the governor which allowed the organization to continue its mission of providing supplemental food to low-income individuals and families.

In addition to his work at H.E.L.P., Silva was a member of St. Kateri’s Tekakwitha Catholic Church in Beaumont, the Knights of Columbus and the Sun Lakes Men’s Executive Golf Club.

He is survived by his wife Luz Marie; daughters Lourda, Nicole, Berta, and Marie; four grandchildren; nine great-grandchildren; nine brothers and a sister.

Due to COVID-19, funeral arrangements are incomplete at this time.

Silva was an integral and valued member of the Banning community and will be missed by the many whose lives he touched.



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