Charity Week

Long-time partner Western Helicopters partnered with Sun Lakes to do the ball drop for Charity Week.

One of the more popular events of Charity Week has always been the Helicopter Ball Drop. Folks gather on the driving range to watch the chopper fly in, maneuver over the drop zone and dump the golf balls onto the target to determine the winners of the cash prizes.

Imagine riding along next to the pilot during this exciting event. It might be your dream come true if you are the lucky winner of the Charity raffle for a seat in the chopper!

This year, Sun Lakes has secured a new helicopter company after long-time partner Western Helicopters closed their doors. Fair Lifts is a company based in Atlanta, but which flies out of the Ontario airport.

This year they will run the operation for the Land Ho! Helicopter Ball Drop on Wednesday, June 9 at approximately 11:15 a.m.

The winner of the ride along raffle will be shuttled to the Banning airport along with the golf balls on the morning of the event. The chopper will fly to Sun Lakes for the ball drop and return to Banning Airport.

Tickets for a chance to win the ride-along, are $20 each or three for $50 and will be sold during the event ticket sales toward the end of April (dates to be announced). It’s all for Charity and a great story to share with friends and family.

The winning ticket will be drawn Monday, June 7 at the Jamaican Me Happy Hour on the Veranda, but the winner need not be present.

If you’re not into the fly-over, don’t forget that the ball drop and Grand Prize Raffle tickets will arrive in your mailbox sometime in mid April.

The cost is $10 each for ball drop tickets and 3 for $10 for Grand Prize Raffle tickets.

There will be eight ball drop winners of $200 each and three Grand Prize Raffle winners of $300 each.

It’s all to support local non profits in the Pass Area so please pitch in — every little bit helps.


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