Students at Three Rings Ranch Elementary School in Beaumont, along with their teacher, Rena Mason welcomed Joan and Roland Lau and the Asian Dancers of the International Dancers of Sun Lakes on May 20.

The Lau’s were invited by Mrs. Mason, who is the teacher for the 4th and 5th Grade Culture Club to give a presentation on China, the world’s most populous country.

Display tables held pictures of the Great Wall of China, delicate Chinese fans and parasols, art, a tea set, traditional utensils and dinnerware, jade, lanterns, traditional caps for men, Chinese currency and National stones that were brought by the Lau’s for the students to see.

Joan shared information on Chinese culture which encompasses 56 different ethnic minority groups along with their festivities, customs and traditions.

Fresh off of their Festival of Dances performance, the Asian contingent of the International Dancers of Sun Lakes performed the beautiful and impressive Jasmine Fan Dance for the mesmerized students.

This traditional Chinese dance has been part of China’s history for over two thousand years.

The choreography for this dance requires strict discipline needed for the synchronization as the dancers snap the fans open and close them during the graceful performance.

Following the presentation, a question and answer session was held and one of the students asked how long it had taken the dancers to learn the dance,

They were all very surprised when Joan told them that it took about one year to learn and perfect the dance.

The International Dancers donated traditional Chinese pot stickers, almond cookies and silk pouches for the cultural exchange and Panda Express provided fortune cookies.

Roland Lau had a great time passing out classic Chinese Red Envelopes to the students which are used in Asian society to mark a special occasion or holidays such as Chinese New Year.

The red color of the envelope is a symbol of good luck.

It was a wonderful afternoon for the Lau’s and the International Dancers as they shared and the students learned about the centuries old Chinese culture.


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