When Ron and Sandra Glickman moved to Sun Lakes from Westminster in 2012, they thought long and hard about landscaping their huge backyard.

With the help of a landscaper, they plotted out 5 “islands” of drought-tolerant desert plants on the level area, and added many hardy plants to the large, up-sloping hill above it.

They named one island “Easter Island,” because of its 4 granite slabs set in gravel, and a stone bench surrounded by several garden structures. A second, named “Turtle Island” is dominated by a large cement sculpture of a tortoise.

A third island, “Palm Island,” contains a large palm plant, and a fourth, “Firecracker Island,” includes cacti that display tall red flowers.

The fifth island is called “Spinner Island” because of the spinning structures on it. Rose bushes bloom along one side of the yard, and a whimsical “buried man” is next to a short stone wall.

Beyond the islands on the level ground is an enormous hill, accessible by a series of wooden steps along the side.


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