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Beaumont football team takes the field on Sept. 13 against Banning.

Beaumont High School’s Cougars football team plays an away conference game at West Valley High School in Hemet, on Oct. 25.

With an impressive 7-1, 2-1 record this year, Coach Jeff Steinberg has prepared his team the same we he does each week, watching the tapes.

However, most of the video they watch is not of their upcoming opponents.

It is watching themselves from previous practices.

“We split our time between watching them (their opponent) and watching or practices,” Coach Steinberg says of his team’s weekly viewings.

Each coach reviews video of previous practices and then make “cut-ups,” or shorter video clips, which they then watch with the players for instruction.

That fits into Steinberg’s coaching philosophy of becoming a better team each day and week, instead of preparing to face a different team each week.

“It is a five-day race to see how much we can improve,” says Steinberg of his weekly routine.

“We try to keep the focus on us. What do we need to improve on,” he says.

It is that mindset that keeps the team focused on the objective of playing their best game each week regardless of whether they face strong or weak teams.

This week, the Cougars square off against the West Valley High School Mustangs who have a 2-6 record in the Mountain Pass league.

Despite the Mustang’s poor record this year, the Cougars are still going to play with their same intensity.

The Cougars have been very balanced with the offense side this year using both their running and passing game.

In eight games, the combined Cougar offense has moved the ball forward for a total of 2656 yards, putting them higher than the national average.

Their defense is no slouch either.

They have sacked the opponents’ quarterbacks 11 times this season and have five interceptions.

They also average slightly more than 45 tackles per game.

With their arsenal set, the Cougars will attempt to meticulously pick apart the Mustangs this week.

According to Steinberg, it is all about attacking areas and poking holes where they other team is soft.

“We get after their weaknesses, and try and hide ours,” says Steinberg with a chuckle.

Beaumont’s only loss in league this season was handed to them by San Jacinto with a score of 45-21.

Kick off for the Cougars away game will be at 7 p.m. tonight at West Valley High School in Hemet.

You can listen to the game live on KMET 1490 am radio or online at .


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