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Back when I was playing youth baseball with a wood bat in the dark ages, coaches and fans yelled things like, “Keep your eye on the ball” and “It only takes one.”

There was even an old, African American umpire who’d chuckle if I swung and missed at a high pitch, saying, “You need a step ladder to hit that one.”

Last week I covered a high school baseball game.

I watched. And I listened.

Coach and fan sayings and bits of encouragement have evolved over the years. “Give it a ride!” probably wouldn’t cut it anymore.

As a public service, I will present some of today’s more popular ballpark utterances and define what they mean, tongue planted firmly in cheek: “Nobody hurt!”: Four runs are in and the bases are loaded with nobody out, but nobody is bleeding, and no ambulance has been summoned.

“Roll it up!”: The hip form of “Turn 2!” I still like, “Turn 2!”

“It’s all you!”: No idea what it means. It’s all up to you? It’s all about you? No clue.

“You’re due!”: Tantamount to, “Get a hit for a change.” Not a confidence builder.

“Nobody better!”: “You’re batting ninth, you’re hitting .150 but you’re my kid and I dropped a bundle on travel ball, so get a hit.”

“Win the battle!”: Sportswriters are warned not to equate children’s games to war. Folks in the stands say what they want, though.

“Find a way!”: A variation of, “Whatever it takes.” As a youngster I preferred a walk to a fastball in the ribs.

“You got this!”: Heard a lot in softball. Grammatically I prefer “You have this!” but a positive message and we can’t have enough of those.

Peukert to Bulldogs:

Beaumont High offensive lineman Joseph Peukert has chosen a college. “Excited to announce that I will be continuing my next chapter of football at the University of Redlands!” Peukert said on social media.

Athletic director watch:

Banning High had its final interviews for athletic director last week, I’m told, so a decision could be coming soon.

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The Beaumont High football team wrapped up its 2021 season by defeating visiting Redlands East Valley 26-0 on Saturday, April 17.

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