Mark Chua runs for a 10-yard first down in the second quarter against the Pacific Patriots. 

On Tuesday, Calvary Christian School’s Eagle football team took the lead early in the first quarter against the Pacific Baptist Patriots from Long Beach and never looked back.

The Eagles, which is part of the California Baptist Athletic League, ran through the normally unbeatable Patriots taking a six-point lead early in the first with a reception by Junior receiver Mark Chua.

The league plays by eight-man field flag football rules and has six teams from across Southern California.

Coach Randy Hatfield, a former student at Calvary Christian School Banning, has been leading the team for two years and working to develop a stronger offense.

“We have been working on some new plays,” says Hatfield touting his playbook. “We have found our offense. We can run.”

Part of their strategy for their offense has been to work on trick plays.

In the second quarter, the Eagles ran a double flea flicker, which caught the Patriots’ defense off guard and them scrambling the rest of the game.

The Eagles missed that scoring opportunity, but they were still set up in good position for their next play with a 10-yard touchdown pass making the score 12-0.

Late in the second, 10th grade big man Christian Cormell, came up with two incredible plays for the Eagles defense.

The 6’ 4’’ sophomore busted through the offensive line of the Patriots for back-to-back sacks leading to nearly 20 lost yards.

An illegal substitution penalty for the Patriots after the sacks pushed the Long Beach team to their own 10-yard line.

The Eagle defense took full advantage of that, forcing the Patriots to give them a safety for two more points before the half.

The Long Beach team was plagued with penalties throughout the game with five penalties before the half, and nearly just as many in the second half.

After the half, the Eagles continued their hunt for a win with the same relentless enthusiasm they had in the first.

Early in the third quarter, Eagles offensive line opened a hole for a touchdown run from Senior quarterback Devin Mascoto.

From there, Mascoto made a completion pass to receiver Alex Vega for a two-point conversion.

Going into the fourth quarter, the score was 22-0 as the Eagles dominated the Patriots.

It was late in the last quarter when a controversy erupted on the field after what appeared to be a referee throwing a flag against the Patriots for an obvious illegal block from behind during a running play.

After the play, the referee walked back his thrown-flag and claimed the flag fell accidently.

That missed called set up the Patriots for a touch down pass bringing the final score to Eagles 22 and the Patriots six.

The young Coach Hatfield leapt with pride as the final buzzer sounded, securing the Eagles’ victory.

“We had some minor mistakes that we need to fix,” says Coach Hatfield after assessing the win. “Our lines are where we won the game.”

The Eagles next home game will be at 4 p.m. Tuesday at Calvary Christian School, 1325 Mountain Avenue in Banning.

Staff Writer Marc Hargett may be reached at mhargett@recordgazette.net , or by calling (951) 849-4586 X117.


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