Alyssandra Javier

(Commencement speeches are submitted courtesy of the speakers and are not necessarily verbatim as to how they were delivered at commencement).

Good evening friends, families, teachers, staff, and CLASS OF 2019!!!!!! I was going to start off with a joke, but all of my friends told me I wasn’t funny. So I’ll start off with a thank you.

Thank you, gracias, salamat, shokran, cam on, xie xie (sign language). First, I’d like to Thank God for letting us all be here today and for blessing us with another milestone in our lives.

Secondly thank you to all the families who’ve made sacrifices that made it possible for this class to be here today.

Especially to my two parents who left everything back home in the Philippines to give me a better opportunity here. Thank you to all the teachers for pushing us to become not only better students, but better people. Thank you to all the staff who’ve continually worked hard everyday to try and give us a better environment at Beaumont High school.

Although these thank yous are not enough to show our gratitude, I hope the memories we’ve instilled throughout our four years in high school have.

Now onto the class of 2019, I don’t know all of you, probably haven’t see you around school either, and probably never will, considering we’re graduating today. You probably don’t know me either or seen me around school because everyone over 5’3 has made it almost impossible. I also have to thank my parents for that.

But although I may not know you I know that no matter what, whether it be dominating in sports, shining in your classes, performing in our band, acting in our theater, or even simply just showing up to school, you have made a impact in the legacy our class will leave today.

Our legacy consists of these: the color teal, the numbers 1 and 9, and losing to the juniors our senior powderpuff game, but what truly marks our imprint on this school is our resilient determination to fight for the things we believe we deserve, putting our thoughts and beliefs into action.

If there’s anything I’ve learned these past four years, it’s that we’re gonna be okay in the future, because this class puts their minds towards anything they want to accomplish. If you want to be doctor, do it. If you want to be a writer or artist, do it. If you want to own a business, do it. If you want to travel the world, do it. Do what you want and be whoever you want. Whatever path you choose in life, remember the things this class has taught you: be resilient, fight for what you believe in, and always remember where you came from.

Have fun, be happy, and good luck class of 2019! We out yanawmsayn!


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