2 Melody McNair

Meloday coached Little Broncos Athletics, and participated in the track team. She was involved with the Solar Boat program and the National Honor Society. She heads to UCLA to study psychology.

Good evening,

My name is Melody McNair and I am the salutatorian for the class of 2018. I’d like to start by saying high school has been one crazy ride. All the bests and worsts, the firsts and lasts, just to realize that our lives haven’t even really started yet.

And even though most of the time I didn’t want to come, one thing high school did bless me with was meeting some amazing people and creating bonds that I know will last a lifetime.

I want to thank my friends and family for all that you guys have done and know that I will always be here to return the favor. Growing up in Banning has been bittersweet. On one hand there is absolutely nothing to do here but on the other our community in Banning is more like a family.

With that being said it’s actually pretty crazy that I don’t truly know most of you, but here I am sharing a milestone moment in my life with all of you.

I truly am proud of our entire class and wish nothing but the best for everyone. I have nothing but love for you all and can not wait for what the future holds for us.

We’ve made it this far but we cannot forget the ones that didn’t make it here with us. Though I never had the opportunity of befriending James Wilson, I know he was extremely important to many of my fellow classmates and I want to take this moment to remind all of you that though he is not here in the flesh, he has been here every step of the way and will continue to be a prominent member of many of our lives, never forget him or the memories you had the chance to make.

As you walk the stage tonight be grateful for one of many accomplishments you have been given the opportunity to experience and never forget the people that you meet along the way.

Stay humble and never forget where we’ve come from, there’s a new chapter ahead of us all and this is just the first page.

Congratulations Class of 2018, thank you.


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