To the editor:

I am responding to the letter by Marianne Conner. I would like her to consider the fact that government began with the need of people to work together to solve mutual problems. I proudly registered as a Republican when I was eighteen. The party I so eagerly joined no longer exists. There is no attempt made by the present group calling themselves Republicans to solve the problems we currently face—only a desire to protect the interests of those whose financial interests might be threatened by making needed changes.

I consider myself a pragmatist. I strongly believe that an educated, healthy, diverse populace that works together to solve problems is an asset to everyone of every status.

When visiting countries where this is the norm, I have found the standard of living and the satisfaction with life to be above those where partisanship marginalizes certain groups at the expense of others.

This is born out by statistical evidence.

I pray daily that our citizens will find the wisdom to follow a path that will uplift everyone to work harmoniously together to make our great country even greater by including all in their right to be well educated, healthy, safe and prosperous.


Faith Donavin


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