My wife, of 57 years was diagnosed with Alzhiemers over five years ago.

As time went on, She became bedridden.

Unfortunately our local medical clinics as well as Medicare extended plans are not able to provide proper help for a home caregiver such as myself.

As the disease not only took a toll on my wife but also on our family.

After much research my Daughter found a nonprofit organization called VNA Hospice and Palliative Care.

She made a call that was immediately answered.

That call was a godsend! Within hours a nurse was at my house, visiting with us and seeing my wife's condition, she assured us they would take over.

Within hours, medications were delivered, along with another nurse explaining the medication and teaching us how to administer them.

The offer for a full time caregiver who could arrive at 11 p.m. that night.

However I preferred to stay with my wife.

The following day a delivery truck arrived with a specially designed hospital bed and oxygen equipment.

Next, a social worker arrived, who was a true Angel, answering all my questions with extreme compassion!

Next we were assigned a personal nurse, who visited every day directing, twice a week bathing and changing bed sheets and clothing.

All This and more from a single phone call.

Upon my wife's passing, I made the call to the 24 hour phone number I was given.

Within one hour their Nurse was at my house.

She prepared my wife for pickup by the mortuary, which the Social Worker had prearranged.

To all the wonderful people at the VNA.

Thank You with love!

The Raum Family, Banning


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