To the Editor,

Why was the speed limit recently raised for Wilson between Sunset and 8th Street even though:

Westbound on Wilson it is 45 mph and east of 8th street it is 40 mph.

There are many driveways that exit on to Wilson, particularly Sunset and Sunrise.

There are multiple intersecting streets onto Wilson where you cannot see oncoming cars on Wilson. Particularly bad is the bottleneck at sunrise and Wilson. There is a marked westbound turn lane at Sunrise, but not one going east. To avoid being rear-ended by the 50 mph plus tail gating speeders, people entering the tract at Sunrise use the marked island to make their turn.

There have been multiple accidents on Wilson, people killed, pet killed, and there is a school on this dangerous strip of road, and even though there are street lights at night, the lighting is not that bright. There are not enough crosswalks at street corners because the speed is too great to make it safe for pedestrians to use them to cross Wilson.

Assembly Bill No. 2363 was approved by the Governor on Sept. 21, 2018, in an attempt to make it easier for cities to lower dangerously high speed limits, and yet the City of Banning acted unreasonably and raised the speed limit on Wilson. AB Bill No. 2363 was required because cities were raising limits, as ridiculously as it may seem, based on surveying drivers on the road and setting the speed to however fast 85 percent of the drivers go regardless of safety. An argument supporting this practice was to avoid road rage if the speed was too low, or to avoid cities setting up speed traps and giving tickets. A street could be designed to lower speed. I think that if this is what was done at the intersection of Ramsey and Sunset. The street is so bumpy that it forces you to slow down southbound on Sunset crossing Ramsey. Perhaps there should be speed bumps on Wilson to force a lower speed regardless of the posted speed. Something needs to change.

A lot of dangerous driving on Wilson is attributed to bad drivers regardless of the posted speed limit. I thought the overriding rule of the road was that you should never drive faster that it is safe to do so. On Halloween night where it is reasonable to assume that there are children out in the neighborhoods, and regardless of what the city may classify Wilson as (a freeway?) it is a neighborhood, and all drivers must be required to be vigilant, watch out for children, and slow down regardless of the posted sign.

I live in the tract north of Wilson and navigate the bottleneck at Sunrise on a daily basis. I know the family of the child that was the latest victim on this street and years ago my younger brother was killed as a pedestrian by an inattentive truck driver, so this recent death is particularly heart wrenching to me. We do have the initiative process and it may take circulating a petition in our neighborhood surrounding Wilson, to make the street safe if the city ignores this manner.

Norma Baskin Franklin, Banning


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Libi Uremovic

this is the problem with corrupt governments; people are hired for their incompetence instead of hiring the most qualified and honest .... in a city limits, unless the roadway is inaccessible; the maximum speed is 35 mph ... it's a big problem when there's no staff or council with knowledge or common sense ...


Once again, Libi, you are incorrect. Wilson is considered a transportation corridor, so state law requires that a speed study be performed every 5 years, and the speed limit be set at the 85th percentile if radar is to be used. There are extenuating circumstances that allow speed limits slightly lower than the speed study dictates, but typically only a 5mph reduction.

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