To the editor,

I moved to Beaumont last September.

I patronize the local businesses, and I like the small town feeling.

Over the past seven decades of life I have lived in London, England; Montreal, Canada; Cherry Hill, New Jersey; several places in Southern California; Arlington, Texas; South Vietnam, and most recently Lake Arrowhead.

I have lived more than three years in every one of them.

I have fond memories of every place that I have lived.

I came to California at 18 years old, with a high school diploma.

With help from the public school system and many jobs along the way in machine shops and gyms, and later on to professions as engineer, economist, university professor, and lawyer.

I have more than repaid my costs of education to California by income taxes.

I could not have done this in any of the other places where I have lived, and I never begrudge paying taxes.

One more time, I never begrudge paying taxes.

I am dismayed by the animosity between self-proclaimed groups of people, either by race, political views, of geographical region.

I think of the simple message of Rodney King many years ago: “Why can’t we just get along?” said after being beaten by Los Angeles police officers.

A recent published letter under the Title “Dems have ruined California” might be satire, or it might be serious, but it is amusing either way.

Perhaps the intent is to encourage people to leave, or discourage people from moving here, selfish but understandable reasons.

Or it might be the musings of a bitter person.

Emile M. Mullick, Beaumont


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Or it might the musings of someone who has lived in California far longer than you, and has witnessed the destruction of a once beautiful state at the hands of progressive Democrats who care more for illegals and criminals than law abiding citizens.

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