Biden has been in office for almost two months and he has not yet held a Press Conference; not only that, he has yet to give a State of the Union Address and it is beginning to look like he may never give one. Last week while on television Biden surprised The Puppet Master and asked for questions - he sat there for a moment and suddenly the lights went out while the screen went blank. Surprisingly, and perhaps not so surprisingly, the Press has made no mention of the incident which took place on national television. As for the State of the Union address, The Puppet Master pulling Biden's strings is afraid to let Biden speak for any length of time because he knows that Biden will reveal his cognitive deficiencies to the world.

Meanwhile, Karmala Harris, the Vice-President, is talking to world leaders - a job always handled by the President. Is the transition to Harris already taking place? So the question becomes quite clear - who is actually running the government? A string of Executive Orders have been released since Biden's inauguration in an effort to rapidly change our national direction in to a One Party Socialist Government so, again, who is The Puppet Master behind the overthrow of our nation as we know it? Who is pulling the strings?

Is it possible that one day, not too far in the future, Obama, Schumer and Pelosi will appear together on national television and announce that we, as a nation, will be now be known as the United Socialist States of America under one party control, the Socialist Party? While they won't say it of course, we will become slaves of the State working only for the State and the Elite in power - that's Socialism.

Biden's Executive Orders have thrown thousands out of work, turned the Capitol into a fortress precluding Americans from entering our house, the White House, while allowing millions of unmasked illegal aliens, some known to have the pandemic virus, into the country under a Catch and Release directive from Biden. If you thought the original pandemic virus was bad, the coming one as a result of the Catch and Release Program will really shock you because those infected are fanning out in to all parts of the country.

One has to wonder if the liberal Biden supporters are now really happy with the direction our country is heading? When Hitler was coming to power, he said at one time that hate and emotions were all that is necessary to control the masses - sound familiar? Think back the past four years of hate and vilification and wonder now who is The Puppet Master!

R. S. Bibbo



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President Biden talks to the American people when he has something important to say. His outstanding press secretary holds informative, DAILY briefings, compared to the rare press briefings by Trump's collection of b.s. artists.

Trump spoke to the press more often than President Biden. But his remarks were usually meant to promote falsehoods or attack the media. Glad we're over and done with that.

Mr. Bibbo's delusion about the "puppet master" is right up there with the bloody lie about a stolen election.

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