To the editor:

Nancy Pelosi says Americans need to see the facts regarding Muller's report.

Well, Nancy, they do. Here's what we see:

Americans see, after more than two years, that the Muller's report found NOTHING to fault the President.

Americans see that there is only one person running this country, that's Donald Trump.

Because the Dems don't legislate, they are too busy trying to find a loophole to impeach the president.

And the Republicans only know how to play defensive, so they're too busy trying to save their own (you know what) to be of any help to Trump.

Americans see the Dems on a hysterical mission to beat Trump in 2020 and if they never do a piece of legislature that's OK because beating Trump justifies their lies, innuendos, fake news and whatever they conjure up to get their one and only job done during this four year session and that's to TAKE DOWN TRUMP!

People, whether you love or hate Donald Trump, whether you believe the country is in better shape than it's been in a very long time or you believe that we are worse off than ever, you must acknowledge that the "swamp" is determined that no one is going to run this country except the political elite.

Not you, not me, not Donald Trump, and that's a very scary fact.

Sharon Waitman, Beaumont


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