Dear Editor:

Our community survived October’s brisk Halloween activity despite the COVID-19 pandemic, but the tricks continued through the Nov. 3, 2020 presidential election as ballots were cast across America.

After receiving a mail-in ballot with a misspelled name, I brought it with voter identification to the polling precinct and within minutes it was corrected at the registrar’s office.

After the election, I went online to verify receipt of the legitimate ballot, and had to provide social security digits, DOB, and other identification, and would have given fingerprint identification if requested to verify voter authenticity.

The ghoulish media stories as election returns are being reported with allegations of ballot fraud seem to be flowing from a witch’s cauldron.

The reputed quite significant majority of electoral votes that appear to favor the democratic Biden-Harris presidential team have stunned many loyal Trump-Pence presidential supporters.

While the Trump administration’s accomplishments have been many, he will always be a hero to many taxpayers for his efforts in successfully repealing the historical unconstitutional Individual Tax Mandate (ITM) that punished taxpayers with a federal tax fine for not buying a health insurance plan.

Although the Trump administration and Congress thankfully repealed the federal ITM, it has bared its snarling fangs in California as a state ITM.

The California state legislature has mandated that effective January 1, 2020, residents must either buy a health insurance policy or pay a state tax penalty on their state tax return. This blatant unfair taxation erodes a person’s constitutional individual liberty and human dignity.

On Nov. 3, a California voter majority overruled legislative attempts to amend rent control and raise property taxes — so why can’t Californians have a say at the polls to oppose the unfair California state ITM?

The Pinocchio politicians who claim the California ITM is not socialism should understand that voters do not have rocks for brains — we understand socialism, which destroys individual liberty, and we understand democracy, which preserves and protects individual liberty.

So what lies ahead for American democracy as most Californians peer at the world wearing facemasks?

It is my understanding from viewing a recent online Beaumont School District Board Meeting that CDC guidelines have deemed face masks optional for students secondgrade and under although face masks will be required for all other students and individuals when it is deemed safe to resume on-campus academic socialization.

Fortunately, outdoor church services are currently permissible with a limitation of 100 masked attendees and social distancing.

Perhaps by Spring 2021, the large Beaumont High School stadium could possibly serve as an educational meet and greet arena with head phones tuned in to laptops for accommodation of groups subject to CDC guidelines.

What is working for church going adults and families might work for education including illumination of conscience studies and how to get along with people in a critical technology oriented society that has become increasingly secular since the 1950s.

That is my personal senior citizen perspective as my eyebrows disappear with age and have to be drawn on while balancing reader glasses on my nose.

Ha, try it some time. If you have bald eyebrows!

Fortunately, therapeutic treatments to control Covid-19 are proving effective.

But the corona virus isn’t going to disappear overnight.

Very young children seem to be God’s protected class of immunity, although horribly extreme abortion laws impede the miracle of birth.

COVID-19 may be a wakeup call for adult self-examination and a call to action for lawmakers to be more protective of life in the womb while balancing a woman’s constitutional rights that must be protected when maternal life is jeopardized or there is injury from heinous crimes of moral turpitude.

Bitter tears wept as the result of abortion or COVID-19 tragedies may be an eye wash giving sight to spiritual enlightenment that embraces divine love and healing — Something to think or pray about.

November 11, is dedicated to all veterans and their families for their immeasurable sacrifices to preserve American democracy protective of dutiful individual liberty.

The voting privilege is a sacred legacy that must not be abused or defiled.

Let us give thanks for our veterans, let us give thanks for the voting privilege, let us give thanks at Thanksgiving and always believe the words of the Battle Hymn of the Republic — God’s truth is marching on!

Joan Marie Patsky, Beaumont


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