Dear editor,

Like the author of “Truth vs. Trump,” I neither like nor trust either dominant national political party. I was registered as an independent voter for many years until the 2016 election when I felt it was necessary to register with a party in order to vote in the primary election.

However, I would like to respectfully suggest, without animosity, “Truth vs. Trump” reads like a transcript from an MSNBC segment.

I didn’t like Trump at all when he announced his candidacy, but I never felt the need to incessantly trash him. Deserved or not, President Obama didn’t get a 20th of the venom purposefully directed towards Trump.

I watched the impeachment circus in its mind numbing entirety as well as paying attention to its buildup and aftermath. All the talk about overwhelming evidence that never surfaced, the improper transfer of impeachment inquiry from the judiciary committee to the intelligence committee where Congressman Schiff conducted his basement interviews in secret while shutting the other side out – then selectively leaking to the press what he saw fit. When one thing didn’t pan out they tirelessly chased the next shiny impeachment object time after time – same dog, different sticks. House Speaker Pelosi was given a spanking by freshman New York Representative Ocasio-Cortez and it somehow flew, Nancy flipped her position and jumped on the impeachment bandwagon as did nearly all the Democratic Congressmen.

Schiff himself was eager to collude when a couple of Russian comedians pranked him with pretending to have dirt on Trump. I think that when the impeachment testimony is made public it will be revealed that key figures said one thing in public and another under sworn testimony.

When Durham gets done with his investigation I believe a lot of dirty stuff done by elements within the FBI will come out, beginning with origins from within the Obama White House and the Clinton campaign. Space does not permit elaborating, but a lot of the dirty tricks have already come out such as lying to the FISA court multiple times to get wiretaps and conduct other surveillance on Trump and company.

I’ve also watched the White House briefings on the Corona Virus pandemic with all those reporters asking locked and loaded “have you quit beating your wife yet” types of questions and how much of the media misrepresents the contents of those briefings in their news segments.

Fifty years ago CBS anchor Walter Cronkite was described as “the most trusted man in America.” I believe he sincerely tried to separate hard news from his liberal political beliefs, and distinguished to his audience what was hard fact and his own subjective opinion. However, his personal opinion often became public opinion.

Dan Rather, who took Cronkite’s place as CBS anchor upon Cronkite’s retirement, didn’t have Cronkite’s scruples as his political beliefs slanted his reporting. Rather was eventually ousted from CBS when he ran a slanderous, unsubstantiated hit piece on President GW Bush. This was when there was at least some small degree of standards left in broadcast journalism.

About a month ago CBS used footage filmed by Sky News in Bergamo, Italy to misrepresent the patient load of hospitals in New York at a time when NY Governor Cuomo was screaming for far more ventilators than he actually needed. The overcrowded Italian hospital practically had gasping patients stacked on top of each other. New York obviously didn’t have those conditions, otherwise CBS would have filmed it. This was an obvious slap at Trump and this is business as usual across the cable news spectrum.

Contrary to 50 years ago, it’s take no prisoners, no trick is too dirty, slander rules, towering hypocrisy is the norm. If it weren’t for double standards there would be no standards at all - naked ideological warfare waged by elected political hacks, career bureaucrats and talking head “journalists” with great hair and perfect teeth, all brought to us on national and regional TV. As an addendum I have never seen the locally focused Record Gazette to have taken any political stance, and in my experience the editors, past and present, have been fair to the expression of all viewpoints.

Allan McNew, Beaumont


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"Deserved or not, President Obama didn’t get a 20th of the venom purposefully directed towards Trump." You've got to be kidding. President Obama was burned and hung in effigy, accused of not being American and supporting Islamic terrorists. He was even ridiculed for wearing a tan suit to a news conference. To make matters worse, his wife, First Lady Michelle Obama, was labeled an "ape" by some of our more enlightened conservatives. While some of the criticism of Donald Trump is venomous and over the top, much of it is justified based on his actions or inaction.

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