To the editor:

Buried in the national news, so much is Trump, Trump, Trump was an item of very great import.

Tent cities are starting to rise to house illegals.

I don't want to say immigrants because certain words show psychological acceptance i.e. we were immigrants, therefore they are us.

We are unique.

We are not interchangeable.

Toothpicks, straws and plastic picnicware are.

A Chinese family resettling, immigrating to Egypt 2000 years ago is different from famous Surf guitarists Dick Dale's Arabic uncle,

whom he learned special guitar from, settling here in the 1950's. Anyway getting back to acceptance of housing etc. illegals, what about our homeless crisis, our poor African American families in stifling poverty and gang violent places like Chicago.

See the Dems don't really care.

American-ness is whatever they say it is.

And they say its the opposite of what it is.

Happy Memorial Day.

Louis Knapman, Palm Springs


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What is this 4 in a row?! 4 crazy opinion from the Knapman ‘family horror show’ of the ignorant and criminally insane?

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