Ms. Andervich took it upon herself to write a "rebuttal" to Bill Ruehle's claim that the Democrats have ruined California as well as attack his feelings about President Trump.

She spent some time puffing her ancestry as if it should enhance her status in attacking Mr. Ruehle or that it means anything at all in today's world.

The truth is that the Democrats, with their far left socialist views, have not only ruined California they have devastated the state.

Los Angeles as well as San Francisco, the former jewels in the State's Crown are trashed almost beyond repair.

There are at least fifty-nine thousand homeless, virtually a small city, living in the streets of Los Angeles and doing unimaginable, despicable acts.

Similarly, San Francisco has thousands littering the streets with drug paraphernalia as well as other things that are difficult to even mention.

What has caused the problem?

Certainly, the so-called sanctuary city designation that these cities have ascribed to themselves is a major contributor.

Cross the border illegally and head for California.

Face it, neither the cities or the state have done anything whatsoever to solve the problem.

Ms. Andervich ignores the problems totally and seems to think that her ancestry in some way is meaningful to her criticism of Mr. Ruehle.

She goes on to claim that President Trump is ruining "my country."

Who cares what he did before becoming President?

The fact of the matter is that every statistic available shows that this country is forging ahead economically, socially and is militarily stronger because of his programs and is far from being ruined.

It always bothers me when an individual touts his ancestry as if that means anything at all.

In this case it certainly hasn't helped in solving the problem.

There is only one solution and that is for Californians to wake up and vote the scoundrels out.

R.S. Bibbo, Banning


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