For the past several months, Gary Campenella has posted more than six letters attacking the President joined at times by Messrs, Hamre and Tedford in their dislike of President Trump and his views.

They have the right to their opinions but, seemingly, they either overlook or ignore the consequences should the new Socialists win in November election.

Are they willing to accept the United Socialist States of America?

Do they realize what this new Socialist program has in store for our country?

Aside from the "free stuff" they have laid out to seduce the voting population, they propose unlimited immigration, free medicare for all, free education for all, refit every building in America (they alone make the determination whether your home or building will be refitted or destroyed), the elimination of cars and planes (back to the horse and buggy while millions lose their jobs), a guaranteed income for every one in America (why work), the somehow elimination of cows (no milk for our children) while the list goes on patronizing voters.

Have these three anti-Trump indiviuals given any thought at all to the side effects of the Socialist's program?

One of the worst will be the impact on the health standards that we, as citizens, take for granted.

With unlimited immigration and free medicare for all, doctor visits and necessary surgery for citizens could be delayed for months or worse with people dying because of the delay in necessary surgery; because of guaranteed income fewer people would be working, businesses will fail, people who want to work will find no jobs, some will be on welfare for the rest of their lives, alcoholism will increase as well as divorce and suicide, a new national tragedy stemming from the introduction of Socialism.

The likelihood is that what is left of our police departments will be overcome with crime (even now their job has become far more difficult because of the weakness of certain blue state governors to step in and put a forceful end to the violence in their states).

Included in the Socialist's insane program is the proposal to permit late term abortions even permitting the murder of newbornes.

How can these three anti-Trump individuals, despite their personal feelings, accept Socialism that stands for everything we as Americans have fought against and gave our blood and lives for for more than two hundred and forty years?

Are these three individuals aware of one scheme that the Socialists plan to spring on us beside the fact that personal income tax will rise to sixty percent (if you are one of those people actually able to find a job)?

It's called, for the use of a better word, the "death tax'.”

No? This tax permits a Socialist government to tax the estate of a decedant as much as it can, leaving little if anything for the heirs.

In other words, if you work hard all of your life to leave a future for your heirs, the only heir will be the Socialist government.

In reality, in the eyes of the Socialist elite, you are a drone working only for them until you die. Even now the Socialists talk in terms of trillions, that's trillions of dollars to support their schemes; their solution to pay for their idiocy is to print more paper money without any real monetary backing as well as confiscate the savings of citizens through taxation.

At some point, their monetary fantasy will buckle and, as it was in Germany after WWI, we will go to the market with a bag full of useless paper money hopefully to buy a quart of milk for our children - if we are allowed to have any.

Socialism or Communism, a close relative of Socialism, has universally been a failure.

If it were to become our future, in twenty years or less, we would become another Venezuela, bankrupt and would fall into the dustbin of history.

That was the time it took for that country, under Socialism, to be destroyed.

Not too long ago, Bill Ruehle, another person over 90 like me and a conservative too, took a stand against Socialism and, for that stand, had his mentality mockingly questioned as senility.

Well Mr. Tedford, Bill was right on the spot with his comments concerning the idiocy of that group attempting to overthrow the government. There is no question about his mentality whatsoever — he said what he meant and meant what he said.

There are many of us —particularly those of us born before 1960 — yes, many of us who know what our America stands for — who will reject this attack on our country in November and will be the beneficiaries of the rejection of the Socialist attack on the good old US of A!

R. S. Bibbo, Banning


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My father was one of those who was going to be involved in the invasion of Japan. Perhaps he would have been one of the million or so allied lives that would have been lost in that invasion. My dad, US Army Ranger, Lt. James Gordon Ferrell, was a paratrooper who jumped off the coast above Utah Beach in Normandy, France in the dark on the morning of the D-Day Invasion on June 6, 1944. His job was to spot enemy positions, radio those positions to ships in the harbor and re-direct their misses until those targets were destroyed. He later was assigned to the invasion of the invasion of Okinawa, Japan and after that was in preparation for the invasion of the mainland of Japan, when Truman ordered those two bombs dropped, thus ending the War in the Pacific. I am probably here because Truman ordered those two bombs dropped. I lost my dad seven years ago, just before his 93rd birthday. He lived a great life, except for the final few months when it all went downhill. Thanks for this story. We are at a sad time in our history where groups of fools are trying to erase the parts of our nation's history that make them feel uncomfortable. History is History. We can revere some of it, shudder over some of it, but we cannot erase it. We need to study our history, learn from out history, repeat what has worked in the past and reject and never repeat what did not. Charles G. Ferrell, Beaumont

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