Dear editor,

I keep hearing from the media how America and Americans are frightened over the coronavirus, that panic is everywhere, etc.

I sure didn't get either of those impressions Friday morning in my little corner of this nation, Beaumont.

We went to our local Stater Bros. Supermarket at 7:45 a.m. to take advantage of early senior citizen hours. We saw about 20 or so non-seniors lined up, waiting for the regular 8 a.m. opening.

They were talking among one another, just talking.

No panic, no fright. My wife and I went in, after showing our I.D. at the door, and we were met by friendly staff who had a big stack of toilet paper, one per customer, and they tossed one into our basket.

By 8 a.m., the store was packed with people, nobody angry, frightened.

The shelves had been about 80 percent re-stocked over night.

Movement around the store was a challenge because of the number of customers, but there were no confrontations.

There was a line at the meat counter, and when somebody just walked up to the counter, the employee pointed to the line, where a couple of people smiled and waved the woman to come on over.

There was a guy passing out little red, white and blue pins.

We were talking in line about how we often mention American Exceptionalism.

I noted that most of the time, we don't need it.

Somebody jumped in and said that what America and Americans have always done is when the time has come for us to be exceptional, we have always come through.

This is one of those times. For eight years under the previous President, we were told that America has no more exceptional than any other country, that we were in decline, lost jobs weren't coming back and nobody had a magic wand to make them come back.

Now, for the past three years, we have had a President who has been reminding us that we are Exceptional, we are a Great Nation that can take on any challenge and defeat it.

We will get through this crisis.

We have a President who believes in the greatness of this Nation and is leading us through this Coronavirus Crisis. We will do it.

Charles G. Ferrell, Beaumont


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