To the editor:

Since the day the four were sworn into Congress they have been nothing but negative women with an agenda to change our beautiful country to a hell hole dump. And to impeach the President. How disgusting can they be?

The four said they do not understand why people do not like them. If they would not act like gangsters they might be treated better. THEY are the racists and the radicals and anti-semitics. What ever is bad the four love it. They keep bringing up color. That is a lot of bunk.

I am so-so-so-so happy our President fights back.

Women of the U.S.A. when did you turn into fuddy-duddy’s? What kind of fools are you? Do you want to go back to wars and meally mouthing? Do you want to go back to higher taxes and fewer jobs? Do you want your food to be given to you? And only enough to keep you alive.

If the four hate the USA so much they can leave. I said this before about everyone who speaks badly about us. JUST GO! We don’t like what you say or do.

I call the four “the enemy of the people”.

We don’t care about racism, we care about our beautiful country.

Now this reads like tough talk, right? Well, this is the way the Dems talk to us every day.

I, myself, am sick of the four terrible women. We are the most loving and forgiving people in the world.

What say you?

Marianne Conner, Banning


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I see that one of your "loving and forgiving" just shot 46 people. Just who is the "enemy of the people"?


I don't usually agree with the four Congresswomen under attack by Trump and his cronies. But they are AMERICAN CITIZENS who were elected by their fellow AMERICAN CITIZENS to represent them in the Congress of the United States.

To tell them they must leave the country because you don't agree with them is totally unAmerican. Guess you think the First Amendment is only for people with red hats. . Sad.

Being called mean, nasty and vulgar by someone who would write a disgusting letter like this is like being called ugly by a fog.

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