Dear Editor:

Unshakeable, unstoppable, and unswerving, the spirit of Christmas will ultimately overcome the COVID-19 pandemic although Santa’s beard will be hiding under a face mask and his travel may be restricted.

Californians have observed a limited stay-at-home order issued by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) before the Thanksgiving holiday and projected to remain in effect until the first day of winter solstice — Dec. 21, 2020 —subject to revision as COVID-19 incidents spike.

The winter solstice was unique this year as it ushered in an awesome celestial event of the two largest planets in our solar system, Jupiter and Saturn, orbiting more closely together in the southwestern sky since the year 1226!

The phenomenon created the appearance of one brilliant “Christmas Star” to earthly observers world-wide. Some astrologers have heralded the phenomenon as a time of rebirth while Christians rejoice in the wondrous birth of Jesus, proclaimed in sacred scriptures as the incarnation of God embodied in human form within the womb of the Virgin Mary to reveal God’s love for us.

Humble thanks be to a creator God believed to have created heaven, earth, and the blood of life that flows in the veins of every human —black, white, yellow, green, oops, not green — no Martians here on planet earth.

Keeping families from gathering during holiday celebrations is almost an impossibility although some families would rather barricade their homes with barbed wire and gorillas rather than entertain an ornery relative.

Families and individuals do seem challenged as people adapt to Covid-19 evolutions such as social distancing, technical equipment shortages, reduced customer service due to reduced staff, educational classes via remote learning, diminished sports events, etc.

Cultural centers such as the Edward-Dean Museum & Gardens in Cherry Valley that serves our geographical area and beyond are currently shut down, but on the upside, some football game grandstand seats display artistic colorful posters resembling fans of every race and color. “Hail Mary,” is both football and religious terminology. The “Hail Mary” American football pass is typically a very long, desperate forward pass that may have only a small chance of success. The theological “Hail Mary” rosary prayers are as universal as the Lord’s Prayer in the Gospel of Saint Matthew, chapter 6.9-13 and believed to be infallible.

The latter prayer was memorized and recited by public school students during my early education years thru most of high school until the Judeo-Christian bible was kicked out of the education system by a Supreme Court decision.

Is there a nondenominational prayer book available for students through the public education library system?

The holy season of Christmas 2020 has been graced by the fulfillment of a promise made by the President Trump administration that the miraculous gift of a Covid-19 vaccine would be achieved before the end of 2020.

The 45th president of the United States of America has kept his word by the grace of God and the fervent prayers of the dedicated faithful worldwide regardless of creed.

There is hope that the vaccine will be efficacious for all who want it.

Prayer is not for wimps —the rosary prayers are unique, universal and a mystery to some, but efficacious to a believer such as the deceased U.S. Senator, Jeremiah Denton, a high ranking U.S. Navy officer taken prisoner in Vietnam when he was shot down over Hanoi.

The story of his captivity and incredible survival is accessible via the internet (Raymond Arroyo interview World Over, 2017).

Be of good cheer — Jesus has overcome the world — for more than two thousand years He has an annual birthday with more to come!

Joan Marie Patsky, Beaumont


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