To the Editor,

There was a small house with a two-foot crawl space under the floor. All was well except for a crawl hole in the foundation. The father ordered his 18-year-old son to block entry of the hole – which he did not. Along came a pair of skunks and before long they had a family of six babies.

All went well for a while until a rattlesnake decided to make it his home also. Naturally the skunks became terrified and all of them began to spray the snake with their foul smelling liquid. Soon the whole house was penetrated with the unbearable odor. The people had to leave and the home was eventually torn down.

This is just a metaphor, but what does this story have to do with the proposed Gateway Project? Lend me your eyes and soon you will see what everything in this story stands for. First of all, the house represents Cherry Valley. Next, the crawl space is available opportunity. Thirdly, the hole in the foundation is entry to opportunity. Fourth, is the father who stands for all those who are against the project.

The son portrays citizens in their own comfort zone who refuse to get involved and let others do their dirty work. Then, we have the skunks, who are some uncaring civic leaders who accept bribes. Lastly, is the vile snake who is much like selfish, greedy, inconsiderate wealthy bankers, developers and detestable supervisors.

Friends, I know people are running away from high crime, congestion of all types but don’t they realize they are creating the very thing they’re moving from? Riverside is broke so their agenda is to try to swallow up big, beautiful parcels of rural areas to generate more cash. Same with Beaumont and Banning. They don’t want to see one dot of dirt. All they dream about are roofs, roofs, and more roofs!

Now, the Gateway Project is a miscarriage of justice not only to our people, but also to the natural rural beauty of the area. Come off the freeway and one begins to breathe a sigh of relief as bare hills and empty lands appear. They welcome us to a tranquil, peaceful world.

But no, these skunks not only want to build, ugly concrete structures but also transform all of our beautiful Cherry Valley from rural to industrial property. And all of you who live on one acre plots with beautiful homes and space for nice gardens, horses and a big RV, do you think you are immune to their encroachment? Dream on.

My friends, this is a beautiful, rural area worth fighting for. Why don’t you join us by becoming a member and getting involved. Please do your part and contact CVAN at P.O. Box 3257, Beaumont, CA 92223. Remember, we stand or fall together.

Sam Montez, Cherry Valley


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Libi Uremovic

the really bad news is that russ bogh is now the county supervisor - he could propose to reverse the past zoning change, but bogh is invested in the property, so he's not going to help cherry valley stay rural ...

shopoff has already 'offered' to change the zoning to high density housing, which was always the plan, but cvan refuses to accept any zoning except cherry valley's zoning, which is one house per acre ...

the housing market is flooded in the pass area, but they need the roofs to get bond debt ... shopoff could develop the area into nice houses with horse barns and get top price for the lots, but no bond debt, so it won't be 'free' ..

Libi Uremovic

The court date for the Gateway (Country Crossing) warehouse is scheduled for December 6, 2018 at 8:00 am in the Riverside Court.

We would like as many as possible to show support. We are considering hiring busses to transport residents to the court house.

If you are interested in bus transportation please e-mail Patsy Reeley at There may be a small fee for this convenience.

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