Riverside County Sheriff Chad Bianco has acknowledged a tie to the militant group known as The Oath Keepers, mitigating his position by defending the group as a pro-Constitution, pro-freedom organization mislabeled by the FBI and mainstream media.

Yet this was one of the groups in the forefront of the Jan. 6. insurrection, gaining unauthorized entrance, through violence and destruction, into capitol buildings.

They were bound on disrupting a constitutionally authorized action and possibly causing bodily harm to elected officials.

So how are we to trust anyone involved in such an organization?

The Oath Keepers claim to be a group dedicated to upholding and defending the Constitution.

Yet they have demonstrated that it is their interpretation and their determination of what that means.

There are lawyers and scholars that have spent their lives studying and interpreting the nuances of the Constitution, the Federalist Papers and all the publications of the founding fathers, yet this organization feels qualified to determine what they choose to defend.

One look at their website will show how biased and dangerous this group is.

Sheriff Bianco has already shown that he is unqualified to continue in his position through his refusal to uphold lawful orders regarding the California Constitution and health mandates.

The revelation that he is associated with a domestic terrorist organization like The Oath Keepers only solidifies this.

Mr. Bianco needs to be removed from his position.

Bobbi Ashurst, Banning


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