June 26, 2022

Multiple warehouses. Not just the one behind Albertson's, but the 10 more (that's right, 10) that are already working their way through the approval process for the open area south of I-10 off of Sunset Avenue. That is the last vacant parcel that is large enough to accommodate any major retail in this city. Say goodbye to any possible supermarket or other large shopping center in the city; it will never happen. Those areas were rezoned specifically to allow warehouses, back in late 2020, when there was very little attention being paid to Zoom-only council meetings.

Remember the CRA (Community Redevelopment Agency) from about a decade ago? While it produced a lot of nice building facades in the downtown area, it was also the subject of no less than two Grand Jury investigations. Statewide, the program was rife with corruption, and the governor finally ordered all CRA programs to shut down. Well, it's back. This time it's being called the CRIA (Community Revitalization and Investment Authorities), but it's literally the same program. It will divert future property tax increases away from our general fund, and at the same increase our long-term debt through new bonds.

We should all be asking why these things are being supported by the City Council.

Gary Hironimus, Banning


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