Very interesting meeting last week.

Dozens of residents turned out in person, on Zoom or by phone to express their concern about the proposed 2.5 million sq. ft. Summit Station warehouse.

The main points raised included air and noise pollution, traffic congestion and reduction in residential property values.

Of particular concern was the fact that this mega-warehouse would be directly across the street from thousands of seniors (Solera/Oak Valley Greens) and hundreds of children (Stetson).

Older adults and children are the most vulnerable when it comes to environmental hazards.

Citizens have until Friday, Oct. 22 to submit comments on the environmental issues surrounding Summit Station:Contact: Christina Taylor, Beaumont Community Development Director, at You can also ask Ms. Taylor to put you on a list to receive updates on the project.

The Environmental Impact Report, including all our comments, will take several months to complete.

So, the next formal meetings on the proposal will probably not happen until late this winter.

This gives us time to organize.

We've already started doing that in Solera and Stetson, the two communities that would be most affected by the warehouses.

As you recall, despite strong evidence and the opposition of hundreds of Beaumont, Cherry Valley and Calimesa residents — including the Beaumont City Council — the County Board of Supervisors ignored all that and approved the Gateway mega-warehouse.

Fortunately, the decision on Summit Station will be made by the Beaumont City Council, not the Supervisors. And surely the residents of Beaumont have far more influence with the City Council than we did with the Supervisors.

But we must make our message loud and clear: "If this destructive proposal reaches the Council, vote no."

Finally, an apology. The famous song: “We won’t get fooled again” was sung by The Who…not the Rolling Stones. But the message is the same.

Steve Mehlman, Beaumont


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