To the Editor,

After Trump attacked the Syrian airfield, Hilary and and an audience of rabid anti-American-pro-Hilary syncophants, ranted that Trump didn’t go far enough! and that Trump didn’t care about Syrian babies because Syrian babies wanted to come to the U.S. {by the millions I believe}.

Later CNN had a Syrian adult male, who had been a guest previously, on and he said “Hilary and you guys {Democrats} are hypocrites who are using us politically and God Bless America and Trump and we don’t want to move to the U.S. or be refugees {in the first place}.

We want safe zones and help. Later FOX News had a refugee on who, minus calling Hilary etc. hypocrites said the same thing. I’m a ex-Democrat and I say to both parties God Bless America. Listen to those two refugees.

Randy Knapman, Banning


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