To the editor:

If Devil Dems succeed with impeachment it will mean voter suppression for the whole country.

Then congress needs to be taken down.

Every Democrat and Republican that voted for impeachment needs to be taken to court for suppressing our right to vote for the person we wanted plus for lying about our President.

They need to do time in prison.

They are the most awful people I have ever seen in my life time and I go back to before F.D.R. died.

I am 81 years old and appalled at what I see and hear in D.C.

While congress is wasting time with jealousy of the President, China and Russia are plotting to undo this wonderful country.

Iran and No. Korea are still afraid of more sanctions on them. But, are getting braver every day.

The swamp is showing the faces of all the ugly people in our beautiful country.

The devil had to make them the ugly, mean people they have become. You are going to lose again you awful mean Dems.

Why are you afraid of losing when our country is better than it has ever been?

This man loves us and this country.

If you don’t like it, do what I tell other people.

Get out of here and our pollution will clear up without you here.

If you want Socialism and Communism start by moving to another country and see if you succeed.

You will not succeed you are to dumb to see the real thing when it is right there.

This letter is written in simple child language because you are at the level of small children who have not learned right from wrong yet.

Of course all the stations, ABC, MSNBC, CNN, CBS, NBC are saying it is all lies.

It was not collusion and it was not obstruction.

They are calling their own guy, Robert Mueller a liar.

We are all sick of the lies from all of you.

None of you have a grain of good in you otherwise you would stop this and get down to real reporting and real work for the people.

That is if you even know what that is.

Pass this childish article on to your childish friends and sit and talk about it.

Maybe the light will come on in your brain. Wishful thinking, I’m sure.

May God bless your angry, jealous souls.

I can understand why the President does not want to come to Southern California for a rally.

He feels we are a hopeless cause but we need him here so badly.

People need to see what a wonderful person he really is.

Have you dug your heels in the swamp so far that you can’t get them out?

Marianne Conner, Banning


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