I beg to differ with Mr. Gary Campanella. Our President has never said that Covid has disappeared.

And I need to remind you our president gave his all every day of this pandemic — along with scientists and doctors he kept us informed — he could only tell us what was known — much was unknown. And the truth is out that many dead were actually victims due to other preexisting conditions.

Actually the last word has been that the flu may take out as many as the Covid. While you are critiquing our president and the Republican party, don’t forget that many in the Democratic party fought to allow people to congregate early on in this pandemic.

As far as racism in America — yes there is racism everywhere — against all white and black.

America has made so many programs that have favored people of color that for a lot of years if you were a qualified white man you would not get the job simply because you were white.

Racism yes there is. Just look at our educational systems — the literature used, the history taught us, now all centered around female and people of color heroes and heroines.

Strain your brain to find stories with white boys as heroes.

Try to find a commercial that flatters white men. We definitely have racism in America — we have been set up by the Liberals to believe that we must be guilty for something that happened two hundred years ago when our country was being formed. Our country is made up of all peoples from all over the world and we have all been welcomed here to become citizens of amazing America.

Lastly BLM is a hate group as surely as the KuKluxKlan is a hate group. When leaders say to kill, burn and vandalize — “it’s your right” — that is a hate group.

America stands for friendly protest. Not violence. Our leaders in both parties need to stand up and defend the citizens of the United States of America.

We must support Law and Order! In regards to racism being as “American as apple pie.” I believe that was correct but history shows that the world is changing and with education things are moving toward equality.

I would say again though that all people need respect including those that are not of color. People are all creations of a greater source — I call Him God.

Please don’t spew lies about our President. Donald J. Trump has done his best to keep America’s dream for all peoples alive and well.

When his hands are tied due to covid and blatant lies from those who hate him, he still keeps working for the American citizens.

He has my vote!

Kay Rawle, Banning


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Donald Trump knew in February that Covid19 was far more serious than the flu and could be spread through the air. He admitted that in his interview with Bob Woodward. So why didn't he do more to encourage people to wear masks? Why didn't he serve as a positive role model and wear one himself? Why does he continue to invite thousands of people without masks to attend his rallies? It's because he cares more about his reelection than the health and safety of the American people.

He lied to us about Covid19. He called the brave servicemen and women who died for our country "losers" and "suckers". How much longer will you excuse that behavior?

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