To the editor:

Often I make strange sounding examples in my leftie pal critiques — my leftie pals are crazy and those who believe them are too.

It isn't a medical crazy but a mean selfish problem.

Recently Sweet AOC said white people eat white food because of Neo-colonialism.

Cauliflower was a frequent target of her diatribe.

I eat a lot of it along with broccoli.

It has chemicals good for your eyes for one thing.

I also put Swiss cheese, white, in broccoli soup.

Also I love broccoli cheese soup.

Okay, I'll bring this to a head.

AOC said we can't have cows anymore because they emit methane gas.

Cows also emit basically white milk.

Obviously to apply racist motives to insentient things — a type of anthromorphisizing — is super crazy.

Oops, I mean super mean!

Randy Knapman, Palm Springs


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Libi Uremovic

'...AOC said we can't have cows anymore because they emit methane gas....'

in the 90's the cali state water board and mark wildermuth forged the epa documents claiming dairy farms were polluting the groundwater in order to drive the dairy farms in chino out of business so housing developers could purchase the land for pennies on the dollar ... they also attempted the same scam, that became known as the 'blue baby scam' on cherry valley septic tanks to force cherry valley onto the city of beaumont's sewer plant ...

when i proved to the state water board in sacramento that the documents were forged the response from the state water board was to remove the forged documents from their website ...

the moral of the story is; citizens of cali lost all rights to point their fingers in blame to anyone but themselves many many years ago ...


Well thanks for translating, ...I guess.
Didn’t know you spoke ‘Knappman’ ?? That’s some crazy-s#€¥!%

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