Dear Editor:

California seems to be gradually rousing from hibernation as the welcome news of statewide COVID-19 stay-at-home orders was lifted the latter part of January.

Even nature paid tribute to the restriction easement by busily sprinkling the San Gorgonio Pass Area mountain views with claps of thunder, lightning and a magnificent blanket of snow that too-soon disappeared. In the Cherry Valley area, hailstones large as iced golf balls dropped from the sky in awesome wonder – God must have a giant icemaker machine.

How wonderful to have businesses reopening albeit with some restrictions as outside dining, certain youth sports competitions, Eucharistic mass services, and other socially unifying events are springing to life, including expanded communications via Zoom meeting technology which has become a permanent educational pathway as a result of the pandemic.

Real estate professionals who regularly met at the Beaumont City Hall Civic Center pre-COVID-19, now indulge in weekly Zoom meetings to pitch resale homes on tour and other real estate updates.

Recently, Beaumont’s Economic Development Manager Kyle Warsinski, updated East Valley Board of Realtors members with news of expanded building constructions and retail marketing technology that tracks shopping habits via consumers’ cellphones – thus retailers have access to Big Brother capability that utilizes consumers’ cell phone GPS data.

Let’s hope the all-seeing Eye of God has mercy on humanity as we travel life’s journey. Local residents were stunned to learn that a Beaumont man had been arrested for his participation in the heartbreaking rioting at the Washington, D.C. Capitol on Jan. 6, the validation day of U.S. president and vice-president electoral votes.

U.S. Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick, a military veteran and insurrection victim, was honored this month with the rare tribute of a memorial service at the

Capitol Rotunda. Congressional members and hundreds of his fellow law keeping officers lined the Capitol east front and saluted as his hearse departed the Capitol for interment at the Arlington National Cemetery that features an eternal flame. The January 20th Inauguration of President Joseph Biden and Vice-President Kamala Harris was secured by more than 20,000 national guardsmen protecting national security. America’s first woman vice-president Harris promised to uphold her oath of office by resting her left hand on two bibles. Harris’ Jewish husband, Doug Emhoff, assisted by holding the bibles – one purported to be owned by the late Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, a civil rights icon. The other bible said to be that of a beloved person who assisted in raising Harris during her childhood in the San Francisco area. In the Judeo-Christian bible, there is a passage in the book of Proverbs exalting the praise of teaching a child values of righteousness and prayer. May the voices of the children in families and schools worldwide ring with the joyful sound of alleluia, amen!

Joan Marie Patsky Beaumont


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