Dear Editor,

I am writing to complain about a Stagecoach Towing Inc. a company that the Beaumont Police Department uses to impound vehicles. This company treats people very poorly and their fees are outrageous and not very clear. On Saturday, Sept. 1, 2020. Leslie Naranjo was pulled over by Beaumont Police. She did not have a driver’s license and the police department called Stagecoach Towing Inc. and had her car impounded to their facility in Banning.

Leslie Naranjo is in between jobs and did not have the money she needed to pay for the fees to get her car out of impound. She had to borrow money from her grandma who is not working either because she had COVID-19 and has been out of work.

On Saturday Leslie asked me and aunt for a ride to Beaumont Police, I was at work and could only take her after 4 p.m.

At Beaumont Police station, Leslie had to pay $150 dollars to get a document saying it was okay to get her car out of impound.

Leslie spoke to a lady at Stagecoach Towing Inc., and she was told she had to pay $320 in fees. $250 for the towing fee plus $70 for one day impound. When we got to 724 E. Ramsey St. in Banning at around 5 p.m., she called the lady again and she told her to wait about half an hour and that someone was going to be there to help her. This older white man came and I tried to start small talk with him and he just ignored me.

Then he told Leslie that she had to pay $320 plus $125 dollars more.

Leslie told him that she was told by another person that it was going to be $320 and he said it was going to be more because they don’t open weekends. I told him that it did not make sense that she just spoke to someone less than an hour ago and was told one fee and now another fee by him. He started to yell at us and said he could just leave and we will have to pick up on Monday, but was going to be more money. I saw a poster with the fees and I tried to ask him about the new fee but he was yelling and I yelled back and I just knew we were at the losing end because if he left Leslie was going to pay more for the extra days of impound. So Leslie agree to pay. Leslie had left some money in her car and asked the man if she could get it to help her pay for new fees.

She went to check and the money was not there and he started to say she was lying about leaving money in her car and that everyone else lies about leaving money in their cars. She borrow more money from her grandmother who was there with us.

He did not give Leslie a receipt of what she paid and we just left feeling terrible for having to deal with his company. This was a horrible experience and I feel you should not allow a company like this do business with the people you are supposed to serve. Here is a picture with his fees and I am pretty sure he overcharged Leslie. Which is totally wrong. I also sent this letter to the Beaumont City consul members email addresses listed on their website.

Pablo Lara, Banning


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The practice by Stage Coach is not uncommon at all. They tell you that they are closed on the weekent to add at least two more days in fees.

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