Just this morning on returning from Redlands I observed an Old Dominion truck pulling a trailer, traveling at a high rate of speed — 65 MPH or more, even through a ‘Work Zone’ area with a sign posted that it is a work area. This is unacceptable and dangerous driving at a minimum.

Something needs to be done.

I wrote to the company and tried to cc CHP in Beaumont on the email, without success.

With the upcoming construction that will be going on for the next two years going eastbound, CHP must step up their actual enforcement, and not simply offer "lip service" that they are going to have a zero policy tolerance.

There have been flashing signage through the area that you must stay in your lane and that the speed limit is 55 MPH.

It is already 55 MPH in all of California for trucks, yet I do not remember seeing anyone pulled over for lack of proper driving behavior, especially trucks.

Before there are more accidents and someone is injured / maimed / or even killed, please CHP, enforce the laws already on the books.

Moreover, Can Beaumont become a good neighbor and correct the road congestion problem.

We have lived in Banning since 2000.

Over the course of 20 years we have seen the continuing building of homes and businesses without the proper regard for significant infrastructure improvements in and around Highland Springs Ave.

One suggestion is to move the exit east of where it currently is; close down the westbound exit and entrance on Highland Springs and have the traffic leaving I-10 re-routed up to Ramsey with a new exit and entrance for westbound travel located there. Come on Beaumont – Be a nice neighbor!

Thanks for listening,

Charlie Friese, Banning


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