Black Live Matter was organized in 2013 in response to the acquittal of Trayvon Martin’s murderer.

It is an affirmation of (our) shared humanity.

It is not anti Blue Lives Matter or anti All Lives Matter.

Blue Lives Matter, and (their) flag was a 2014 counter response to Black Lives Matter, as is All Lives Matter.

As a “counter” response(s), that makes a Blue Lives Matter flag a quasi (at best) racist response to Black Lives Matter.

The Banning Chamber of Commerce recent use of a Blue Lives Matter flag is therefore a poor choice of symbolism in support of the police.

Other forms of support could have shown a more inclusive, rather than exclusive, voice of support.

As an honorably retired police officer I fully understand the real symbolism behind the Blue Lives Matter flag and take a personal offense to its display.

I have often been shown support and gratitude for my service.

The Black Lives Matter decal in my window is an affirmation of our shared humanity, not a call-to-arms.

It does not need to be countered by Blue Lives Matter flags on my street or by the Banning Chamber of Commerce.

David Miller, Beaumont


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Of course all lives matter. But the problem is that some lives matter more than others.

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