Once again Gary Campanella quotes unidentifiable sources concerning a supposed call made by President Trump wherein he threatened to withhold billions of aid dollars from the Ukraine unless the Ukrainian President announced an investigation of Joe Biden. Campanella claimed that "a non-verbatim transcript confirmed the call". "Non-verbatim"? What does that mean? It means that you make a story up out of whole cloth with no supporting evidence! No names are provided to support Mr. Campanella's story so we are asked to believe that Mr. Campanella has an inside line in to some government agency which provides him with insider information in governmental world affairs. Really? It really comes down to that old American saying, "Put up or shut up".

Provide facts not innuendo but Mr. Campanella simply feels that we should accept what he says as if it was the truth. Yea, right!

On the other hand, Mr. Campanella at no time, now or in the past, ever mentioned the fact that Biden himself, than Vice-President under Obama, threatened the Ukrainian President to withhold billions of American dollars in aid unless the Ukrainian President fired a prosecutor who was investigating his son for corruption. The prosecutor was fired and Biden actually bragged about it on camera while laughing.

Why is it Mr. Campanella that you sift facts supporting unsupported rumors while ignoring facts confirmed by Biden's own admission on camera that he threatened the Ukrainian President and got away with it?

"Self fulfilling prophecy" - only in your mind, Mr. Campanella. We can only hope that if Biden becomes President that his past deceptive actions will not be a self fulfilling prophecy and destroy our America as we know it.

R. S. Bibbo, Banning


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