Last week, R.S. Bibbo wrote a rambling and incredulous letter about President Biden and Democrats. With conspiratorial intent, he declared that a "Puppet Master" exists within the Democratic Party.

Incredibly, he opined this individual is running the federal government, wants to overthrow the nation, and make the country into a "One Party Socialist Government." Bibbo used the word Socialist ,without defining the term, to describe democratic institutions. According to Wikipedia, "the term socialism, without clear definition, has become a pejorative used by conservatives to attack liberal and progressive policies."

For progressives, Democratic Socialism has been defined with the following elements: everyone has equal opportunities; the rich pay their fair share of taxes; social programs such as Social Security, Medicare, and Medi-Cal are provided by the government; the government supports infrastructure projects, public education, and free trade; and lastly, the government assists the disabled and the poor with welfare benefits.For democracy to remain strong, the United States needs two viable political parties. Both parties need to believe in facts and practice democratic principles. Many Republican political leaders have endorsed autocratic principles to remain in power. The modern GOP has advanced and supported the Big Lie about voter fraud and has pushed for voter suppression laws aimed at people of color. Unfortunately, the right-wing of the party has been taken over by the Qanon conspiracy and White Supremacy and Militia groups who advocate for autocracy.

Mr. Bibbo, Republican autocracy should be your major concern.

Gary Campanella, Beaumont


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