To the editor,

Last year some time I wrote and offered my opinion on a subject (or two) and included that I was not writing to “the lost sheep of the Pass.”

Now, I am hearing quite a bit of bleating in your letters section.

There used to be an old phrase when someone formally famous or well known was seen out and about. It was “didn’t you used to be …?”

So, let us start out here with the following: I used to be Republican.

Then I found out the Republican Party played trickle down economics, denied climate change and action for political purposes and used the church to deny equal rights to diverse populations AS IF Republicans were the only ones who paid taxes.

Republicans also liked good roads and public works but did not like actually paying for them while they hammered Democrats for taxing and spending.

But was borrowing and spending better?

Now, some people can walk and some people can chew gum, right?

Currently, we have a President and GOP presiding over what seems to be a strong economy and low unemployment to go along with that.

Good for them.

How about a bit of credit for the previous administration? Just a little?

But here is the thing: I can create good jobs (and I am nobody’s whiz) if I offer business people a huge tax break and decimate regulations which protect our environment.

That would be like walking or chewing gum (but not at the same time.)

The trick would be to find the greatest balance between low unemployment, budget sanity and regulations which protect the environment.

This is something the Republicans never do. President Reagan (a fair example of a President) did not achieve the goal (tax cuts and defense spending led to a huge deficit.)

President Trump is not exhibiting any ability to do two, let alone the three needed skills simultaneously (jobs, deficit control, environmental protection).

And we also have gotten all the norm busting, dangerous and just out and out petty behavior as a bonus.

Now he says he would take foreign help and information on an election opponent.

Yeah, we know.

You have already done it.

And you are telling us you will do it again.

Time for the sheep to stop being counted so we can stay awake. America depends upon it.

Think about that as you work your way to July 4 this year.

Be patriotic, care about our norms.

They are norms for a reason.

Or, were Washington, Lincoln and the Roosevelts just part of collection of dupes and losers?

Scott Hamre, Cherry Valley



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Libi Uremovic

'...what seems to be a strong economy and low unemployment to go along with that....' 'seems to be' is the definitive statement ... remember when beaumont had parties and appeared fabulously wealthy, but after the raids it was exposed that the city had a $100 million general fund deficit? ... it's like that ... the u.s.a. has a $1 trillion gdp and a $22 trillion debt that's growing at $1 trillion/year ... if a household made $100,000/year and also accumulated $100,000/year in debt - the household would soon not be able to pay the debt payments ... almost 40% of u.s.a households are dependent on government subsidies - millions of people are expecting military benefits that were promised, but there was never any funding set aside to back those promises ... while people take political sides it's important to note two facts: #1 - the dems and gop joined hands many decades ago to pillage the taxpayers, so don't expect either political party to 'save you' ... #2 - when the stockmarket crash in 1929 almost all of the national debt was owned by u.s. citizens , but now a big chunk of the u.s. debt is owned by foreigners ... after wwii ike increased corporate taxes to pay off the national debt because ike knew that a nation in debt is a weak nation ... the u.s. has zero debt in 1969 ... '...what seems to be a strong economy and low unemployment...' is actually a false front ...

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