Dear editor,

As stated in prior rebuttals, I am not a liberal Democrat, I’m an old school Libertarian and I vote candidate, not party.

I’m also a 5th generation Californian, as in “Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492,” nothing to do with the Brit Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock.

Under a Spanish land grant, my ancestors helped develop the Southwest, including California, until the Mexican-American War, the treaty of which allowed them to keep their land and Spanish was taught along with English in our schools.

Now to Mr. Ruehle’s assertion that Dem’s have “ruined” California and his adoration of first U.S. born citizen Trump.

Mr. Ruehle, did you admire Trump as much when he was a Dem schmoozing with the Clintons?

What did you think of his teen modeling school for foreign girls 14-18 whose European parents paid to send them here hoping they’d become TV stars?

Do you think judging the Miss America pageant is a qualification for US president?

His TV show, “You’re Fired,” is being lived out in Washington. Did you watch the video he broadcast “Groping Women Because I Can?”

How many BK’s has Trump had? Five, six? How many lawsuits for non-payment of contractors? A few hundred? Clinton was impeached for lying about an extra-marital affair.

Trump brags about them.

No, I don’t thinks Dem’s are ruining my ancestral state – I believe a prejudiced, delusional dictator is ruining my country.

Sherri Andervich, Beaumont


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Interesting that you think that a strong econony, historically low unemployment, record high job creation, lowered taxes (for everyone), record high stock market, low interest rates, strengthened military, more equitable trade agreements, decreased illegal immigration, high business and consumer confidence... Is somehow "destroying your country"? I guess I must live in a different country than you do.

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