Dear editor,

Thank you for printing my earlier longish letter, which was basically an answer to the commentary I had heard in the newspaper and on Yahoo! boards from ordinary Americans (one hopes?) with their questions or opinions against the impeachment process.

I laid them all out and went for the most obvious and reasonable answers to those comments.

Three readers answered the letter last week. That is all fair, but much of the reaction to a wealth of things and not specifically to my points about whether the Democrats rushed, why they held up delivery to the Senate and whether they were attempting to take Trump off the ballot.

I find it telling that whenever writers such as these mention socialism they always talk about the failed cases and we never really hear about Scandinavia and Canada. They may talk about high taxes, but if they looked into these countries they are fairly well run.

It is unfortunate for the “MAGA” folks that many times the next thing said is "we can't." That is not the definition of great.

But I want to put this to bed. I will support the Democrat in 2020, but I am hoping that person is a centrist.

There is irony, of course, in the fact that my previous letter appeared on the very day that it became clear there would be no witnesses and, thus, an acquitted president in short order.

My position should be clear: the House, controlled by the Democrats did their job and sworn duty.

The Senate, controlled by Republicans, shirked their duty with some, even, demonstrating their intentions before they took their oaths to be impartial.

But thanks to Senator Romney who made his own conscious vote.

It is in our sad state that our president would not recognize that manner of action if it sat right before him — as it has done now.

How did you enjoy President Trump's performance before a prayer breakfast or his speech following later that morning?

So, in the end there is this: the only (and I mean only) argument that the defense had that had even a semblance of sense or truth in it is that we have an election in November of this year.

I am not a person to make predictions and I am making no prediction here.

But, certainly, we can all agree that all of us have an opportunity to weigh in then and impeachment will be a historical note and not so all-important.

We have the power to remove this president. And, please, before you tout the economy, check out the trajectory maps that tell the truth: the strong economy started early in the Obama years and has risen since.

What we have is a president, now, who takes a lot of credit from another's work.

He gets his own credit but he cannot demonstrate in any manner that he is the cause. But, wait, he is anti-science, right?

Scott Hamre, Cherry Valley


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