I am writng in response ro the "Puppetmaster..." letters going back and forth.

My response is to R.S. Bibbo, as I am guessing Gary Campenella is probably frustrated with RS Bibbo's lack of knowledge.

Bibbo — I will make my reply to you short and sweet, because I can tell you are not going to be open to a contrary opinion — but I had to try.

A duly elected President is in control.

The are no "puppetmasters." As you were offended when some said Trump was being controlled by Putin — you are now using the same type of slanderous allegations.

A President is his own "man" so give him the credit he deserves. As for being to the left?

If you would look up what the left wants — you will see he is not even close. I'm left of left — and I am not happy with his actions.

Secondly, inflation is not here yet, so don't claim it is.

Lastly, you really do need to investigate what socialism really is.

Most Americans want to help those that need it.

That is not socialism but it is a command from God. Please arm yourself with correct information.

Look up what it means to have a socialist agenda, not what pundits tell you it means.

Marie DeBello, Banning


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