To the Editor,

In a recent contribution, Ms. Mary Shea wrote that Proposition 6 should be rejected which, if approved, would remove the onerous gas tax approved a year ago by the State Legislature supposedly to rebuild the infrastructure in need of repair. This tax brings in an additional 5 billion dollars annually (over 52 billion dollars in 10 years) which, if you believe the proponents, will solve our problems. Bear in mind that these problems have existed the entire time Governor Brown has been in office with nothing done to solve the problem. One contributor said that “not a single penny is earmarked for high-speed rail service” - as if that ever made a difference to the liberal California Legislature.  

Obviously, Ms. Shea believes what the Proponents of the move to reject Proposition 6 are saying and, as usual, she has done significant research to support the rejection platform saying that “using tax dollars [the first time in 23 years, joining half the states in the nation] to rebuild the infrastructure” - as if that statement is supposed to ease the pain of the onerous tax! In her research, she refers to Proposition 69 which, purportedly, sets specific rules restricting the use of funds from being diverted to any other use. Really, when has that ever restricted the liberal give-away legislature from doing whatever it pleased with whatever funds were available. The proponents of that Proposition must have laughed all the way to the bank.

In her research, Ms. Shea apparently didn’t notice the passing of SB 54 and AB 131 by this same legislature, both of which either directly or indirectly provide financial and other assistance to illegal aliens which group, by the way, accounts for approximately 15 percent of the total California population. No provision is made for the receipt of funding to support the assistance provided in those bills. Do you have any idea where those funds will come from? Try the billions from the gas tax which, by the way, is due to last for 10 years - at the minimum since once imposed taxes rarely if ever go away. Also, by the way with this last tax, California with the exception of Hawaii, now has the highest gas tax in the nation. Another reason why Proposition 6 should be approved.

When you consider the pros (YES on Proposition 6) and the cons (no on Proposition 6) it is quite clear that Proposition 6 must be approved to put an end to the whims of the California give-away legislature and its never-ending desire to spend on whatever fancy comes to its liberal minds.

R. S. Bibbo, Banning


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Millions from this BS tax that was shoved down our throats by the Democratic supermajority in Sacramento IS in fact already earmarked for light rail projects. That's right, TRAINS. I don't know about you, but I don't know anybody that uses rail to commute. Why should my gas taxes pay for trains? Why hasn't our politicians in Sacramento be maintaining our roads already, since we have always had among the highest gas taxes and registration fees in the country? Oh, yeah, because they have continued to steal those funds for decades and divert them for the general fund. Rejecting Prop 6 simply rewards that theft with more money to steal. YES ON 6!!!!!!!!

Libi Uremovic

'... “not a single penny is earmarked for high-speed rail service”...'

that's because the high speed rail scam has its own bond debt, but it is a perfect example of 'voter approved' money that was spent on a fantasy instead of expanding i-5 and other major roadways and now after $100 million has been pillaged with the high speed rail scam the same people want more money for roads ...

vote yes on 6 to repeal the latest imposted gas tax because government agencies already squander enough of our money ...

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