To the editor:

How can anyone vote for a Democrat? They are waiting to tax you higher and take your freedom away from you.

When anyone talks about giving you free things, it means you are going to get nothing.

They want a Socialist country.

Then they can do anything they want to your beloved country.

Look up Socialism and Communism on the computer or in the dictionary. Then look at the people running on the Democratic ticket. IT IS SCARY! Don’t be fooled by them. Go back in history and look up the Socialist countries. It will scare you to think about them taking away our entire God given rights.

I don’t care what they have to say about now. History proves what I say. When I was a young Dem. I was so miserable until I woke up. Many, many years ago the Dems were almost “ok” but now they are really, really horrible people.

They say they will take the rich man’s money and give it to the poor people. LIE! The rich will take their money and leave the country or move to a country that will not steal their money. The rich man is the one that gives you jobs. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

Everything you wanted came to us until the Dems got the house. The women decided they did not like our wonderful President so the ugly games started. They are evil. Wake up wonderful people of the United States of America. The Dems are tearing apart this country. Nothing is perfect in this world we have come closer than any country. Other countries now want to be like us.

I would hang with any group except the Dems. I can tell you we are the best. Let’s not ruin it by voting for a Dem.


Marianne Conner


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"How can anyone vote for a Democrat? They are waiting to tax you higher and take your freedom away from you." It's easy, you just have to realize that this statement is 100% false (like the majority of what comes out of the mouth of the current abomination in the White House), and vote for someone who actually cares about the future of this country.

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