To the editor:

Has Marianne Conner forgotten that Trump was a Dem, shmoozing with the Clintons, until he decided if he ran as a Dem, he wouldn’t be elected?

I’m an old school Libertarian, I have seen good and bad in Repub and Dem parties; I vote candidate, not party. I voted for Nixon, and Reagan and Bush Sr.

I did not vote for W. Personally, I find Trump’s attitude toward women offensive; did you watch the TV video he made, bragging about groping women “because I can”?

As for other countries wanting to be like us, that may be true of the UK’s current leader with his red face, goofy hair style and insulting demeanor, but Trump has alienated our former allies in favor of Putin and Kim. Who did I vote for last election? I wrote in John Kasich because I believed he cared about our country and had the experience and best interests of all Americans at heart.


Sherri Andervich


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