To the editor:

It is my understanding that Presidents Trump and Obama (holds the record) both have run up record deficits (trillions) spending more on defense (and military operations) and mandatory programs (Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and Welfare) than any other Presidents.

President Obama had a Democratic majority in the House for two years and six years in the Senate.

We must maintain a strong defense in this unstable and dangerous world and also take care of our growing older population and those in need.

So it will be a daunting task for any future President, administration, or Congress (Democratic or Republican) to control the National Debt and deficits.

However, I am opposed to the following:

Spending tens of billions on illegal immigrants and billions on refugees until we do more to help our own citizens (veterans, homeless, and those in need) first.

It is rather strange that President Obama deported over 2.5 million illegal immigrants (more than any other president) and the Democrats never complained about that.

Spending tens of billions on foreign aid while our own country goes deeper into debt.

Spending 10 billion annually on the United Nations (22 percent of their operating budget) while the other 192 countries are not paying their fair share.

Spending hundreds of billions on defense while our 28 NATO allies are not paying their fair share on defense.

Unfair trade agreements that don’t protect American workers and industries.

The 60 million abortions (Murdering babies for convenience) in the U.S. since 1973.

Unrealistic, extreme liberal ideology without common sense, morals, and responsibility which has created a chaotic nightmare (huge breakdown in society with rampant crime) in the U.S..

Over three billion people worldwide live in poverty.

Do the Democrats really believe we can accommodate all of them (open borders) without causing serious damage to our standard of living, living conditions, resources, environment, and way of life?

For many reasons I guess I am just an old Republican CNINO (Christian Conservative Not In Name Only).

P.S. In response to a recent Letter to the Editor (by Robert Beeson) in the Record Gazette.

Ira Pray, Beaumont


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